Blue Ribbon Event 2019 - Saint Patrick Catholic School


Thank you for joining us for our annual Blue Ribbon event! Here are a few photo highlights from the evening— including the unveiling of the ancient cave that emerged in the stairwell revealing ancient drawings! Missed it? No problem— come and see! Contact us to schedule a tour. Registration is going on now!

Our annual Blue Ribbon Event is on Thursday, February 21,  2019. We are excited to once again blend three events into one big night of celebration. Inspired by our Student Learning Expectations, the prevailing theme is Saint Patrick Catholic School is on the RISE. There will be two sessions; 3:15-4:30 P.M. and/or 5:15-6:30 P.M. You’re welcome to come for one or both. Join us for a choir concert and a bite to eat between sessions.

Blue Ribbon Event

Students will be demonstrating, explaining, and sharing their Blue Ribbon projects that they have been working on in classes. From history assignments to science projects to poetry, each classroom will be filled with excited learners.  Don’t forget to check out the cave revealing ancient images that has emerged in the stairwell at Saint Patrick Catholic School.  View schedule of events.

Know a family who is considering education opportunities for their child?  Saint Patrick Catholic School is now enrolling students in PreK to 8th grade! All are welcome— it is never to early to start planning for your student’s future.  Visit out Facebook page and invite a friend.

Come & See!


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