Back to School Night - Saint Patrick Catholic School

Back to School Night

Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016

Our teachers are ready to meet with you to present their hopes and goals for the year.  It is an important night to hear from the teachers, meet the parents of your children’s classmates, and to join together to start our year as one community.
There will be opportunities to sign up for volunteering in the classroom and for other school projects.   It is just a fun evening.
We will start with a  program in the gym that helps set the theme for the year as well as help direct you for the rest of the evening.  It will be a tight agenda and so I ask that everyone be ready to be seated at 6:33!  At 6:50, I will dismiss everyone to their starting classrooms (Middle School will start with Advisory).  We will keep you hopping but everyone is eager to welcome you into their classrooms.  Make this evening a priority.
Parking will be available in the playground.

Evening agenda:

6:33 Welcome and prayer
6:36 SPPA welcome
6:38 We Are One
6:45 Explanation of evening  Handouts
6:50 Dismissal to first session
7:00 Classroom visits begin
8:15 Evening ends, everyone goes home!
This is one of those evenings that help define schools.  Good schools rejoice in being together to work on behalf of all kids.  Whether this is your first child as a 3 year old or your last in 8th grade, we are better together than we are apart.  Come support your kids by making time to support their teachers, welcome new families, greet old friends.  Say hi to me!
It has been a good start to what will be a great year.  It is back to school time, see you Thursday.
We Are One.
St. Patrick, pray for us.
Chris Gavin