Tuition Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Complete the FACTS application for the Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Grant Program (TAP) and StPTAP. Please note that families with PreK students only are not eligible for the TAP but will be considered for the StPTAP.

When can I expect to be notified?

If you submit your application by the January deadline, you can expect to be notified no later than March. Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed if funds are available.

How much can I expect to receive?

Financial aid is based upon need. Last year Fulcrum TAP awards were $1,325 per qualifying student. Awards averaged $2,000 per student. Families requesting assistance over these amounts should contact the school office immediately to discuss their family situation.

How are decisions made?

TAPs are based upon need as determined by Fulcrum. Saint Patrick Catholic School does not influence these awards. Saint Patrick Catholic School Tuition Assistance Program (StPTAP) awards are also based on family needs. A small group from the School Commission reviews applications (without names) and prepares a recommended distribution list for the Principal and School Administrator for the final decision. We recognize the sensitivity of this process and are committed to keeping information confidential.

Where does the money come from?

Saint Patrick Catholic School relies on multiple sources: Fulcrum, REACH Auction, Molly McNerthney-Ross, Hennessy Foundation Tuition Assistance Funds, and general donations. We continue to explore options to develop a sustainable revenue source to maintain a robust StPTAP.

Can we apply for tuition assistance before our child is admitted to the school?

Yes, we encourage you to apply by the January deadlines, regardless of your admission status.