Read what our community has to say about Saint Patrick Catholic School.



My Son Has Made Friends for Life

“We have the best principal, faculty, students, and families at Saint Patrick Catholic School. My son has made friends for life and enjoys going to school.”


Knowledge, Service & Faith Bring Us Together

“Our school is a community where people work together, laugh together, and experience God together.  How can a community like that even be built?  Knowledge, service and faith are just three things that can bring us all together.”

Each Day I Walk Out of My School a Smarter Person

“It’s hard to imagine, but each day I walk out of my school a smarter person…Now that I think about it, that’s incredible.”

It’s Only Fair That I Give Back

“My community has provided me with so much – an education, opportunities to strengthen my faith, and some of my best memories.  It’s only fair that I give back, and I continually try to perform services to my school…I’ve been a crossing guard, written community service letters, helped out at St. Leo Food Connection, and much more.”

Living My Faith Through Words & Actions

“Because of Saint Patrick Catholic School, I not only learn about my faith in books and through lectures, but I get to live my faith through words and actions.”

Saint Patrick Catholic School Does Everything Right

“Saint Patrick Catholic School does everything right – from going to mass, great academics and community service programs. This school would not be the same without our amazing staff and our wonderful principal.”


Academic Preparation for High School

“Saint Patrick Catholic School prepared me academically for high school life.  When I first became a freshman at SAMI (Tacoma School’s Science and Math Institute), I was breezing through all of the material given to me.  In particular, the mathematics taught in my early years gave me the foundation I needed to take higher-level math classes such as calculus in my junior year.”


Well Prepared for Academics & Committed to Service

“St. Patrick’s students are well prepared for the academic rigor of Bellarmine and consistently demonstrate their commitment to service.”