Welcome and thank you for your interest in Saint Patrick Catholic School.  Our application process gives teachers and parents the information necessary to help determine a child’s readiness and placement.

Our Application process includes:

  • For incoming 1st-8th grade students, a classroom visit/shadow day of either a half day or full day, depending on the age of the student. Incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten students may have a brief classroom visit with a parent.

  • A placement /readiness assessment, which will be reviewed by a teacher in the grade the student will enter.  Students applying for 1st or 2nd grade will take the grade-specific assessment during their classroom visit day.  Students applying to grades 3 through 8 will take reading/language arts and math assessments.  We recommend that the 60 to 90 minute assessments be scheduled separately from the visit day, though we can accommodate same-day assessments if necessary.

The visit, assessment, and school records provide our Admissions Committee with important information on developmental maturity, learning skills, and knowledge which are critical elements in placement decisions.  Once the four application requirements are completed, the Admissions Committee will review the information and determine eligibility for enrollment.  In some cases, a parent meeting with the principal will be requested for more information.

For more information, contact us!

Call the school office at (253) 272-2297 to schedule a tour, shadow day or assessment or fill out the Contact Form.