Meet the Teachers

At Saint Patrick Catholic School, we create a community, guided by the teaching of Jesus, which celebrates the inclusion of Catholic values throughout all curricular areas. The kindergarten program is a foundation to the total educational program at Saint Patrick Catholic School. With an exemplary faith, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies curriculum, each child emerges with the tools needed for successful early learning.

The kindergarten year is enriched with specialist classes, including physical education, art, music, and library. Additional resources utilizing iPads, classroom manipulatives, and field trips in the community add to each child’s academic experience.

Kindergarten at Saint Patrick Catholic School is a community of learners—a safe place for your child to take risks and stretch to his or her highest potential. In our nurturing environment, the foundation is laid for future social and academic skills.

The hallmark of our kindergarten program is attention to students’ individual learning styles, made possible through small classes and a child-focused curriculum. Students learn to recognize, group, analyze and discover the world around them in an environment rich with opportunities for creativity and self-exploration. Students are guided and encouraged to become independent, curious, and faith-filled learners.

A Typical Kindergartener’s Day

 A kindergartener’s day at Saint Patrick Catholic School is filled with exciting adventures, including:
  • Challenging, fun curriculum in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and faith formation
  • Technology in the classroom, with iPads and interactive Boxlight TV, incorporated into daily activities
  • Enrichment classes in art, music, library, and P.E.
  • Mass at Saint Patrick Catholic Church
  • Individually paced enrichment choices based on interest and ability
  • Classroom research projects