Core classes for grades 6 – 8 include:

  • Religion
  • Math
  • English/Literature
  • Science
  • Social Studies


During the course of middle school, students study the Bible, learn about the life of Jesus and his teachings, and study the history and fundamentals of the Catholic Church.


Students focus on math fundamentals and learn how to apply their knowledge in higher-level applications. Students in the 6th grade continue on to pre-algebra in 7th grade and prepare for high school with algebra in the 8th grade.

English Language Arts

Writing skills are honed within the middle school, with continued exploration of the writing process and the introduction of MLA formatting.  Literature, grammar, spelling, and the ability to cite textual evidence are emphasized to prepare students for high school curriculum.


Science includes a hands-on laboratory component in compliment of our Next Generation Science Standards, text-supported curriculum. Students will investigate Earth, Life, and Physical Science in sequence, all the while drawing connections among these and other STEM disciplines.

Social Studies

The Social Studies program features a survey of history, beginning with ancient civilizations, continuing with world cultures in 7th grade, and culminating with U.S. history in the 8th grade.


Elective classes are chosen by the students each semester and are offered on a rotational schedule.  All classes are for one semester unless otherwise noted. The most recent electives offered include:

Coding and Robotics
Global Issues & Debate
Intro to STEM
Math Lab
Music Theory / Advanced Choir
Physical Education
Study Hall