A Time of Discovery

At Saint Patrick Catholic School, 3rd grade students:

  • Develop academic tools and strategies as emerging writers, scientists, and mathematicians
  • Explore essential teachings of our Catholic faith
  • Become involved citizens working to serve both local and international causes

Each week holds an integrated literacy unit of study that includes shared reading, leveled reading experiences, grammar, spelling, comprehension work, and a writing project. Math is a daily experience as students master the standards set before them.  Third graders explore communities past and present, with a strong focus on the city of Tacoma. We work with the Job Carr Museum’s classroom curriculum and tour Old Town Tacoma

Students explore our world through life science, earth science, and physical science.  At the core of third grade, life is daily prayer experiences and learning of the faith.  The third grade classroom religion focus is on the beliefs of the Catholic Church, the Trinity, and the Liturgical Calendar.  Within the school year are special opportunities including the Peacemaker Program and the Caring Retreat Day with our school counselor.  Third graders serve school, parish, and community.

Specialist Classes

Specialist classes include art, music, library, and physical education.