band4B-goodGrades 4-8

Quality Instrumental Music Instruction

Band is offered to students in grades 4-8 through the Bellarmine Parochial Band Program.  The band directors from Bellarmine provide quality instrumental music instruction onsite at each of the county’s participating parochial schools (including St. Pat’s) during the school day.

Students take band classes at their own schools two to three times each week, and then meet every other week in a county-wide, combined, evening rehearsal on the Bellarmine campus.

Combined Seasonal Concerts

The full Bellarmine Parochial Band then performs together, giving nearly 200 students the opportunity to perform at seasonal concerts and community events with full instrumentation.

The Bellarmine Parochial Band is sponsored by Bellarmine Preparatory School. We are very excited to introduce a new registration process for our 4th through 8th grade band programs for the 2017-18 school year.

Program Information 2017-18

Cost:  Cost for band will be $45 per month.

Schedule: Each school has two bands (Beginning and Advanced) and each band has two 50-minute rehearsals during, before, or after the school day each week. Twice a month there will be evening rehearsals for the advanced band at Bellarmine. Beginning band will also have some evening rehearsals, but only around concert time.


Ms. Hope Bales – Ms. Bales is the Head Band Director for the Bellarmine Parochial Band. In addition to being the primary teacher for in-school rehearsals, she will lead the evening combined rehearsals at Bellarmine.

Mr. Casey Whitson – Mr. Whitson is Director of Bands at Bellarmine Preparatory School. With the Parochial Band, he will be acting as assistant director and part-time band director with Ms. Bales.

Mr. Frank Lewis – Mr. Lewis is the Music department chair at Bellarmine Preparatory School where he currently teachers all choirs and orchestra. During his time at Bellarmine, he has also served as Band director. Mr. Lewis will join Ms. Bales and Mr. Whitson in teaching the combined evening Parochial Band rehearsals.

To register for band in the 2017-2018 school year, please visit the following website:


If you have questions, please contact Ms. Hope Bales at