St. Pat’s Parent

A Strong Foundation of the Catholic Faith

"Attending St. Patrick Catholic Church & School built on our teaching at home and provided our children with a strong foundation of the Catholic faith."
St. Pat’s Alumn

Academic Preparation for High School

"St. Pat’s prepared me academically for high school life. When I first became a freshman at SAMI (Tacoma School’s Science and Math Institute), I was breezing through all of the material given to me. In particular, the mathematics taught in my early years gave me the foundation I needed to take higher-level math classes such as calculus in my junior year. "
St. Pat’s Parent

Knowledge, Service & Faith Bring Us Together

"Our school is a community where people work together, laugh together, and experience God together. How can a community like that even be built? Knowledge, service and faith are just three things that have the ability to bring us all together."