Through each of their programs, especially religious education, Catholic schools collaborate with parents as the primary educators of their children in faith, hope, and love.

Supported by their parishes and communities, Catholic schools educate the whole person – mind, heart, and spirit – by teaching, modeling, and instilling the teachings of the Gospel and the Catholic faith.

These teachings expressed through sacraments, religious traditions, and lived example, foster in students an ethical and Christ-like way of life.

By learning to value this way of life, students grow to respect the intrinsic dignity of each person and to serve as leaders in search of a just and peaceful society and church.

Catholic Education

We are a faith-filled Catholic community that embraces our Catholic heritage as integral to our mission. We are proud to celebrate with the Tacoma community of Catholic education, faith, service and academic excellence since 1893.

Through celebrating Catholic holidays, singing and praying together, classroom instruction and participating joyfully in the spiritual life of the school community, we model and teach the church’s doctrines and practices.

Graduates of Saint Patrick Catholic School are well-rounded, intelligent young men and women who succeed in high school, college and life. We welcome families of all faiths to join us in preparing their children to be faith-filled stewards of the world community.