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Annual Fund 17 – We Are One
Annual Fund 17 – We Are One
“This photo brings back memories of starting the journey of parenthood and raising our son, Jordan, in this amazing Saint Patrick Catholic School community.  He’s now in 6th grade and has loved Saint Patrick Catholic School ever since pre-school.
We were honored to have led Annual Fund 14 with the theme The Power of Gratitude.  That sense of gratitude grows stronger each year as we enjoy the friendships we’ve developed and experience firsthand how our teachers touch the lives of students to achieve more than they ever thought they could, through encouragement, nurturing their uniqueness, and believing in them.
Saint Patrick Catholic School provides an education that is truly priceless.  We value that education and know how much funds are needed in order to continue the Catholic tradition of providing a Christian, quality education.  This is why we continue to be strong proponents of contributing to the Annual Fund efforts.
As we enter the last weeks of the official campaign, with the fitting theme “We are One”, we encourage you to make a donation of any size.  A strong way to show your support is through your commitment of ensuring your donation goes through the matching funds program of your employer.  Our goal is met each year through the monies raised via matching funds.  Did you know that $11,600 or 7% was raised last year in matching funds alone for Annual Fund 16?  Your efforts in this area have made a difference.  Let’s keep that momentum! Please don’t forget to take the time to match your donation or inquire if your employer has a matching funds program.
YOU make this community second to none.  Thank you!
Many blessings to you and your family.”
-Jeff & Rosa Allen

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