Saint Patrick Catholic Church gratefully thanks the following parishioners for their commitment to being good stewards by pledging to the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal.

Adams, Sam and Jeanne
Althoff, Kim
Alvitre, John and Lisa Foglia
Amann, Frank and Rosalie
Anderson, Karen
Armour, Joanne
Bailey, William and Marilyn
Barker, Marian
Batie, Robert and Helen
Beardemphl, David and Iris
Benedetti, Richard and Karla
Bethke, Robert and Kathy
Bihun, Joshua and Meaghan
Bosse, John and Vivian
Boyd, Michael and Sarah
Brennan, Jennifer
Bruback, Robert and Karen
Bruce, Joan
Bryant, Constance
Burton, Jeannette
Calder, Jon
Carpenter, Eddie and Michelle
Ceccarelli, Robert and Theresa
Chouinard, Sue
Clabaugh, David and Mary Ann
Clark, David and Kerri
Clark, Sheree
Cochran, Loren and Shea
Collins, Marianne
Coovert, Craig and Katrina
Cotie, Mike and June
Crisalli, Emanuel and Elsie
Cukjati, Georgeann
Curti, James and Mary
Daniel, Jack and Margaret
Davidson, Patty
Delyanis, Virginia
Devlin, Joseph and Monica
Dini, Robert and Lisa
Doherty, Joan
Doherty, Michael and Cathee
Donovan, Brian
Downey, Helen
Dougherty, DJ and Laura
Eberhardt, Douglas and Martha
Eberhart, Don and Ann Marie
Eckert, William and Barbara
Enquist, Stephen and Anne
Fincham, Berlie and Beverly
Fitzgerald, Garry and Cathleen
Freeman, Michael and Maureen
Galt, Cathryn
Gardner, Suzanne
Garrison, Michael and Kathryn
Girolami, Joanne
Girolami, Philip and Lisa
Glump, Dolores
Goodman, Michael and
Gruber, Barbara
Gunovich, Gerry
Hager, Wade and Teri
Hahn, Richard and Patricia
Hansen, Philip and Anne
Hanson, James and Jill
Harman, Alexander and Jamie
Harnish, Marlene
Hautala, John and Jenny
Heckler, Alan and Gabrielle Campagna
Hoffman, Robert and Cheryl
Holbrook, French and Susan
Hollingsworth, Dale and Robyn
Hunter, Andrew and Sheelagh
Jaenicke, Nancy
Jamora, Matthew and Jocelyn
Jenkins, Carolyn
Jesse, Philip and Anne Marie
Johnson, Barry and Tessa
Johnson, Liu and Christy
Jones, Doug and Salina
Jurun, Joseph and Christine
Kaleiwahea, Leilane and Heather
Kanzler, Toni
Keller, Paul and Emily
Kennedy, Lawrence
Kimmitt, Mark and Catherine
Kopchynski, David and Amanda
Kradjan, Chris and Chris
Kuharic, Sandra
Lane, Robert and Molly
Large, Jeff and Hannah
Larkin, Tom and Marilyn
Larsen, Thomas and Mary
Leeder, Cindy
Leggett, James and Elizabeth
Levens, Robert
Leverson, Kirk and Mary
Liberatore, Nannette
Lindgren, Adam and Vanessa
Lindgren, Mike
Lovejoy, Kevin and Lisa
Macdonagh, Marilyn
Mack, Robert
Maher, Tim and Heather
Maniatis, Geraldine
Manley, Terry and Helen
Marinkovich, Ann
Marlow, Brian and Amy
Marsh, Melinda
McDonough, John and Jane
McDougall, John and Elizabeth
McKamey, Frances
McNerthney, Lawrence and Millie
Mesick, Gary and Anne
Miller, Brady and Megan
Miller, Stephanie
Moisio, Connie
Morris, William and Mary
Naccarato, Jeanne
Nelson, Lon and Nancy
Nguyen, Quoc and Mia
Noonan, Thomas and Kathryn
Noronha, Gregory and Colleen
Norris, Theresa
Norton, Andrew and Blanca
Nunez, Eduardo
O’Flaherty, Claire
O’Leary, Gerard
O’Reilly, Eamon and Elizabeth
Owen, Marilee
Pepin, Anthony and Marie Hollinshead
Pereira, Manuel
Peterson, John and Mary
Petrich, James and MaryAnn
Petrich, Mary
Petrinovich, Shirley
Philichi, Ted and Lisa
Plann, Sandra
Prichard, Michael and Cheri
Ramsdell-Shorey, Marjorie
Ranch, Richard and Linda
Randall, Steven and Dawn
Rapkoch, Stephen and Joan
Reed, John and Dolly
Richards, Kelly
Ries, Gerald and Amelia Barril
Rink, Patricia
Rooks, J. James and Penny
Ross, Jonathan and
Ryan, Thomas and Sheila
Sankovich, Patricia
Schmit, Susan
Schneider, Chris and Mary
Schomogyi, Mark and Lisa
Selland, Jesse and Ashley
Semler, Kevin
Shedd, Darin and Catherine
Simpson, Barbara
Skeldon, Daniel
Skillman, Joe and  Anna
Skrinar, Thomas and Patricia
Sleavin, Catherine
Smith, David and Lisa
Sodeman, Earl and Wendy
Solberg, Gerald and Betty
Staeheli, Christopher and Anita
Staeheli, Dominic and Tara
Stears, George and Mavis
Stephen-Jordan, Bruce and Pamela
Susee, Timothy and Molly
Swanson, Marilyn
Terkla, Truxton and Lavonne
Titus, Carolyn
Tollefson, Rudy and Connie
Tolzin, Lynn
Tomberg, Ralph and Barbara
Tyler, Matthew and Patricia
Velez, Manuel and Ann
Walker, Leah
Walle, Jerald and Elizabeth
Waller, John and Amy
Ward, Todd and Kim
Weber, Kathryn
White, William and Connie
Wood, Rex and Judy
Wright, Irena
Young, Robert and Patricia
Zimmerman, Charles
If you have made a donation to the Annual Catholic Appeal and your name does not appear on this list of contributors, rest assured that your donation is being processed. There is a significant lag in reporting from the Archdiocese to parishes. The lag time depends on a number of factors, including whether your pledge was submitted to the parish, online, or sent directly to the Archdiocese. The method of payment (cash, check, credit card) also impacts the processing and reporting lag time. Thank you for your patience.


As of May 19, 2017, 178 donors have pledged $52,768 to the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal helping Saint Patrick Catholic Church to reach 45% of the $116, 536 goal established for the parish by the Seattle Archdiocese.

We Need YOU

Have we heard from you? If we haven’t heard from you, we ask that you join us in support of this very worthwhile campaign. If everyone that supported the Annual Catholic Appeal in 2017, but still has not contributed this year, gave at the same level or greater as they did last year we might be able to earn a rebate to facilitate a much needed renovation of the restrooms in the Church improving handicapped accessibility.

If we fall short of our goal, we will need to remit a payment to the Seattle Archdiocese from our parish savings for the balance. Currently our pledge fulfillment rate is 63%. Fulfill your pledge and then get a matching donation from your comany so we can reach and exceed our goal even faster.

Matching Gifts Will INCREASE Our Rebate

Have you checked with your employer about matching your gift? Most companies have matching gift programs and many of those companies match the Annual Catholic Appeal. You can double your gift to the ACA in a few easy steps. Once your gift has been paid in full, apply for the match per your employer’s instructions. The Annual Catholic Appeal, Archdiocese of Seattle, is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID # 91-0778147.


Click the button below to make your donation now or learn more about the 2017 Annual Catholic Appeal, then prayerfully discern your gift and make your donation.