The Saint Patrick Catholic Church Parish Library is available to all registered parishioners. Not a Sunday morning passes that someone doesn’t happen upon our church library for the first time, often by accident. Parish libraries are a vital and relevant ministry.

A Storehouse of Catholic Knowledge and More

Saint Patrick Catholic Church Parish Library collection is a storehouse of materials that focuses primarily on Catholic teachings, Scripture, prayer, Christian-living, saints, and Christian-themed fiction and non-fiction.

Careful Selection

Library materials are selected to provide parishioners with opportunities to better understand their Catholic faith, encourage further integration of that faith into their lives, while supporting a life-long love of learning and reinforcing the broader religious educational objectives of the parish community.

Browse or Check Out Books

The Saint Patrick Catholic Church Parish Library, located in the hallway leading to the Church Hall in the basement of the church, is open before and after all weekend Masses.  Books are available to browse or to check out.  Find a comfy chair and enjoy a good book!

Filling a Void

The library is not just a place. It is also a ministry that requires dedicated volunteers with a heart for people, not just a love of reading. People dealing with the difficult experiences of life, like the loss of a spouse or a wayward teen, often will read a book before they seek counsel.

Economics demonstrate the ministry aspect of a Parish Library. Sometimes, tight personal budgets don’t allow families the discretionary funds to purchase all the books they used to buy. Church libraries can fill the void.

Developing the Library Collection

Selection and purchase of all materials is the responsibility of the Parish Librarians. Collection development is an ongoing process of adding and discarding. Materials will be selected to meet the objective of providing a broad range of materials which reflect our Catholic faith.

Gifts to the Library Collection

Gifts of library materials will be accepted on the condition that any unsuitable items will be donated or discarded. The Parish Library does not provide formal monetary appraisal of any gift for income tax or other purposes.

Do You Love to Read?

It takes some time and specialized knowledge to serve in the role of Parish Librarian, but you don’t need a library degree to be a good librarian. Somebody who loves to read and who is really passionate about libraries is a good fit. Beyond that, a Parish Library volunteer should have logical minds and good organizational skills. One hour a week is the approximate time commitment.

I want to support the Parish Library!