The Grief Ministry offers spiritual support to people in various stages of grief. Support is provided to those who have lost loved ones. The support continues into the months after the funeral, when those around the griever have returned to “normal” lives.

All Souls Day Mass and Reception Helps Familes Through Grief

On November 2, All Souls Day, a Mass and reception are held for families in remembrance of the deceased. During the year, the Grief Ministry sponsors workshops and hosts gathering to help people with the grieving process.

Grief Accompanies Many Types of Losses

The Grief Ministry offers support to those who are experiencing grief from a different type of loss. It includes the sense of loss that many feel for those who died in terrorist attacks or natural disasters. People grieve over the loss of relationships, careers, youth, innocence, and many other things.

Are you Feeling Called or Do You Need A Listening Ear?

Do you have a listening ear and a willingness to serve those who are grieving a loss?  Do you need a listening ear because you are grieving or know someone who might?

I need a listening ear! | I can provide a listening ear!

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