Do you wonder if you are really passing on faith to your family? Worry that your children seem disinterested? Wish you had some new ideas on fostering family spirituality?

You Are NOT Alone!

As parents, grandparents or guardians we are always wondering if we are doing the best for our children.

What is Religious Education?

Religious Education (formerly know as Family-Based Catechesis or CCD) is a program developed for families to awaken and nurture the creative parts within so you can pass on the faith to your children. It is a program for families and children through age 12 who are home-schooled or attend public or private school, other than Saint Patrick Catholic School.  However, we welcome anyone who would like to be a part of this wonderful, informative program.

What is the Purpose of Religious Education?

We believe 

  • the home is the first and most important place where faith is nurtured.
  • finding the holy in the ordinary of everyday life helps us deepen our faith.
  • praying, learning, and growing together as a community builds the Kingdom of God.

To help foster our belief we

  • share Catholic teaching through texts, handouts and other useful tools.
  • create opportunities for shared prayer.
  • offer opportunities to come together as a community

How is the Program Structured to Include the Whole Family?

The group opens with a family-led prayer then breaks out into sessions based on the grade level of the children. The adults have a session too.  The program meets at the Parish Center at Saint Patrick Catholic on Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:00 PM starting October 3, 2018, except the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The program serves the parishes of Saint Patrick Catholic Church, Church of Saint Rita of Cascia and Holy Cross Catholic Church. Our Pastor, Father David Mulholland will be a part of the sessions when he is available.

Forms & Resources

I want to learn more about Religious Education

Kim Ward, Pastoral Associate for Faith Formation

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