Our 2018 REACH Auction will be held on March 17, 2018.  Loren and Shea Cochran are chairs for the event. Join us as we celebrate our feast day, in support of Catholic education!  We have some excellent sponsorship opportunities available.

 Click Here to enter the auction website.

Religious Education A Catholic Heritage

Since 1975, St. Pat’s has sponsored a REACH (Religious Education A Catholic Heritage) dinner auction run by volunteers and dedicated staff to help fund critical school programs. REACH, usually held in the winter or spring, is a season of community building – many people working together with a shared commitment.

Funds raised at this biggest fundraising of the year offset tuition and operating costs.  REACH ensures that Saint Patrick Catholic School continues to be a part of our children’s educational and spiritual heritage.

By continuing to make the auction a profitable one, we ask for support from parishioners and the wider community – but especially from each school family — to support in planning, donating and attending REACH. Thank you for your generous and selfless commitment.